ATM Protection

Peace of mind every time you perform an ATM transaction, locally or globally

Peace of mind knowing that you can recover your lost cash

If you encounter a robbery at any ATM, OnGuard will be able to compensate the cash you have lost. And it doesn’t matter whether it happens locally or overseas, or which bank the ATM belongs to.

Get compensated for other ATM-related incidents

We understand that criminal activities could go beyond ATM robberies. If your funds are lost as a result of ATM mechanical tampering or skimming of your ATM or debit card, OnGuard will be able to compensate you, giving you complete peace of mind.

Get twice the payout if you sustain death or injuries as a result of ATM robbery

We understand the importance of getting life back on track after a traumatic incident. That’s why OnGuard will double your coverage for all Personal Accident benefits (include Accidental Death, Medical Expense Reimbursement and In-Hospital Indemnity Benefit) due to ATM robberies.