Personal Accident Protection

We understand how important your loved ones are to you

Comprehensive coverage when you and your family need it most

OnGuard will pay out up to RM50,000 in the event you experience a personal accident resulting in the loss of life.

Receive cash compensation for medical expenses and hospitalization

Regaining your health is critical so it is important to keep financial worries at bay with OnGuard.

If you sustain an injury which requires you to receive medical treatment, OnGuard will cover actual medical expenses incurred that are customary and reasonable according to a medical necessity.

If you sustain an injury which requires you to be hospitalized as an inpatient, OnGuard will provide daily in-hospital cash for up to 30 days per incident.

Get twice the payout if you sustain death or injuries Sas a result of ATM robbery

We understand the importance of getting life back on track after a Straumatic incident. That’s why OnGuard will double your coverage for all Personal Accident benefits (include Accidental Death, Medical Expense Reimbursement and In-Hospital Indemnity Benefit) due to ATM robberies.